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Using children as a marketing tool with pester power and peer pressure to get parents spending is a sly trick played on us by the marketing departments of big corporates like Disney. Persuading consumers to buy a pink and a blue version of everything to comply with the gender rule results in those companies doubling their profits!
Several high-profile tweeters, including former MP Louise Mensch and Sky News presenter have urged Sports Direct to pull
Barbie, with her teeny waist, love of cupcakes, ability to overlook Ken's most basic flaw (he has no penis), and preference
Some of these pictures by Polish photographer Ilona Szwarc are haunting, while others are beautifully shot. This insight
Inspired by the viral image of Barbie without make-up that took the internet by storm last week, artist and researcher Nickolay
Designing a new generation of toys, games and media is not about creating an army of girls who grow up to be physicists and programmers, although this could be a welcome by-product. The goal, instead, could be to build a critical mass of girls who believe that they can do anything they want.