giving to charity

Just like putting that red cross on the ballot paper; you have a choice. We live in a democratic country where you are free and able to vote for whichever party you feel will benefit your life. Do the same with charity; donate to the ones you want to, not the ones that tell you that you should.
Our new research revealed that a higher proportion of the UK give money to charity than in any other country in the developed world. The World Giving Index ranks 135 countries on their generosity and allows us to compare the giving environments of nations across the world.
I experienced first-hand the impact of poverty during my own childhood when my father was made bankrupt and the bailiffs came calling, and I wouldn't wish that situation on any child. At the moment, we are in danger of creating a generation of children living in a vicious circle of hardship and disadvantage, growing up in communities reeling from the double hit of the recession and public sector cuts... I am pledging to give more at a time when need has never been higher, and I'm urging everyone else to do the same.
In the USA company giving rose by 12% last year to reach an epic $18.2billion. UK companies, by contrast, have shown a sharp decline in giving, down 27% this year - according to a recent report by the Directory of Social Change. So what's the story - why aren't Britain's bosses backing charity?
Is it time to think differently about how we support charities? 2012 was something of a rude awakening for many charities
This weekend, Sport Relief is running masses of activities this weekend to raise money for charity. But not all charities are the same. So is Sport Relief a good one?
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