Pledging to give 10% might be the most important decision I will make in my life. Whatever else happens, I will save and elevate countless lives - the lives of those who most need my help. That's worth giving up a few lattes.
Those who are inconsiderate, selfish, mean, or generally repellant to people - they tend to upset this equilibrium. At the other end of the scale, there are those who give the extra mile. These are the people that become successful. And all that giving makes them happier people.
We are suffering from a lack of leadership, something the Victorians had in spades. By failing to give significantly, the new rich are failing to set an example and inspire those who will follow them. Government makes noises about encouraging more philanthropy but most politicians follow focus groups rather offer leadership...
Christmas is by far the season in which people feel they HAVE to give because everybody does it, because that's what Christmas is all about or because that's how it's supposed to be. It's grown into 'the bigger the better' but is that really so? How authentic are we giving this Christmas?
The 2015 General Election Campaign has begun. In 2010, David Cameron campaigned for The Big Society causing widespread bafflement. Since then, The Big Society has silently shuffled off stage in a fog of embarrassment...
It's pretty well universally acknowledged that constantly harping on about your own generosity is unattractive - but I don't see the harm in telling a few mates about your deed of the day.
I intended to write a book to promote giving but the donors I spoke to are so engaged with tackling problems and determined to change life for the better, that they have given us a template for living as well as giving. These are people who are not daunted by difficulty and who demonstrate that it is possible to make a difference.
Perfection In our facile society, perfection is glossy, fabricated, manipulated and made to order. Yet we are surrounded
Having communication with other people that have been through equally tough times lets me know that this IS life. THIS IS IT. I haven't been singled out to be punished, this is just normal life that happens to so many people, and knowing that gives me strength.
We are caught in a spiral of fear, leading to more violence and not leaving enough room for love. So a big real part of the 'war on terror' is one which takes place within us. It is one where we let our fears lead us to hate. 'Fighting' our own fears then becomes the war worth fighting and the way we can stop this cycle of violence. And we need to start uplifting others along with us.