Both engines failed on the helicopter which crashed into a Glasgow pub resulting in 10 deaths, an interim air accident report
A 10th person has died following the helicopter crash at the Clutha bar in Glasgow. Joe Cusker, 59, from Cambuslang, had
The landlord of a pub that put up a sign mocking the recent Glasgow helicopter tragedy has apologised following cries of
Investigators have found no initial evidence of engine or gearbox failure in their probe into the police helicopter crash
The remaining four fatalities of the Glasgow helicopter crash have been named by police. They were identified as Robert Jenkins
Officials have defended the response to the Glasgow helicopter crash after relatives of missing people said it was taking
Nine people have now been confirmed to have died in the Glasgow police helicopter crash. Another body was found last night
Two police officers who were in a helicopter that crashed into a Glasgow pub had previously received bravery awards, it has
Hundreds of people gathered at Glasgow Cathedral to remember those killed and injured in the helicopter crash in the city
Heartfelt support and condolences poured in for Celtic and Scottish women's footballer Chloe Arthur whose father Gary was