Glasgow University

While universities across the world have adapted the language of 'safe spaces' and 'no platforming' for speakers with views deemed controversial, others have found their voices subsequently excluded from the debate.
Rather than simply shouting about it and slandering the opponent, campaign against the view/nomination, debate against it, and most importantly vote against it. That's the only way to prove that the university as a whole doesn't want a hostile, flippant provocateur at the helm.
I am not saying he shouldn't speak (though I wish he wouldn't); but there is a difference between giving a perspective and encouraging an attack on a group. For me that is the difference between hate speech and free speech.
I empathise with 3000 Glasgow students who have signed a petition demanding Milo's removal from the election, whilst others argue that the election should be boycotted until he is removed from the ballot paper, but to do either would be a fundamental mistake as 'Martyr status' is exactly what this non-entity craves.
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What I would see that afternoon would become a moment I'd recall in my mind for years to come and, through the wonders of the Internet, be able to relive over and over again. It would be the day I saw a free man dance with the joy of a fearless child.