glastonbury 2013

I was spoilt for choice and absorbed so much music; I couldn't bring myself to care that my nose had turned bright red despite factor 50, or that my feet hurt. It was utter perfection and I struggled to find the words at how much sheer joy there was. Not just for me, but for everyone who attended.
Welcome to this week's round-up - which, as you'll see below, is something of a bumper crop. Well, it's not every week that
As I stood in front of a flaming phoenix above the stage, surrounded by people of all ages, some in tears, waving flags from across the world and staring mesmerised at the Stones I could sense I was watching history in the making.
They came, they saw, they played one of nine main stages. Yes, from Haim to the Stones, Kenny to Brucie, here were some of
The Glastonbury Festival comedown has officially started - and that's just for those of us who stayed at home watching it
A protest song written in celebration of the death of Baroness Thatcher's death was performed at Glastonbury Festival today
Glastonbury is full of weird and wonderful sights - from a Twister board designed to accommodate dozens of players, to a
Glastonbury weekend's Friday headliners The Arctic Monkeys have set the performing bar high with their evening set on the
The Rooneys and chums prepare to fly to Glasto We have a feeling they won't be slumming it in a tent either. The 32-year
It wouldn't be Glastonbury unless it rained, would it? And that's exactly what has happened just a day before this year's