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Police officers investigating the murder of schoolgirl Milly Dowler knew of allegations her phone had been hacked into as
Rebekah Brooks and former Number 10 spin doctor Andy Coulson have both condemned the decision of the CPS to charge them over
Rebekah Brooks was briefed on the original phone hacking inquiry into News International in 2006 by police, the Leveson inquiry
One or more News of the World journalists deleted voicemails from murdered teenager Milly Dowler's mobile phone, the Leveson
Charlotte Church sang at Rupert Murdoch’s wedding for free in exchange for favourable publicity, the Leveson Inquiry has
I have never owned John Lennon's tooth, and after the NME ran with that story it ended up on 245 different websites all over the world. As I said, it was a funny story, but not true!
Last week the phone hacking saga took a new twist when the Commons Culture Committee diligently tried to squeeze some semblance
News International have released lawyers Harbottle & Lewis from their confidentiality clause - allowing the firm to speak
There is one good way to bring the family down: The Proceeds of Crime Act - they can't avoid it by closing the paper down.
After every institutional debacle, the arguments are the same: it was just a few bad apples. Nobody at the top is to blame. Rogue employees just went off piste. That argument was wrong in Abu Ghraib, in Enron, WorldCom, Countrywide, HBOS and it's wrong today at News International.