global business leadership

From a leadership perspective, developing a global mindset is about moving from a place of unconscious incompetence to conscious competence, where you try to understand what you may not know. As a leader, this is vital. This is increasingly becoming an issue as markets and organisations become more global in nature. Big decisions are often made without considering the cultural implications.
Through Escape the City, I often met high-flying professionals who wanted to ditch their day-to-day routines in order to 'find more meaning' and 'change the world'. I must have talked to at least a thousand millennials who stated the same dream of owning a business that also improved society.
How did a high tech startup, headquartered in Scotland's historic capital, become the global travel gateway it is today? And how does it maintain that startup culture, seemingly so crucial to its success, now that it is much more than a dream etched on a beer mat?
I haven't seen Cally Russell in four years and in that time he's founded two startups. This Edinburgh-based entrepreneur