global food security

Eating is a pretty basic function. Essential to sustaining life, and infinitely pleasurable, we have few limitations on the food we eat today. Yet the global rise of both obesity, and eating disorders, demonstrate how complicated our relationship with food, and the 'food environment' has become. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Does it matter?
Feeding a growing global population of nine billion people by 2050 is one of the world's biggest challenges--especially in the context of rapid urbanisation, rising amounts of food waste and climate change. During one day of discussions senior executives from agribusiness, policymaking and the NGO community examined approaches to food and nutrition security.
Food security is of critical concern globally and the development of food systems that can provide food of adequate quantity, and quality, in a sustainable way is now a research and policy priority.
The UN has chosen to mark the 31 October 2011 as the day the world's seventh billion citizen will be born. I went onto a