Global Race

Cameron's trip to China and his pledge that Britain will be China's "biggest advocate in the West", are bad politics, bad ethics and exceptionally bad foreign policy.
The message from Beijing is clear: the all-important political will that is so evidently present from Downing Street must be met with an enhanced commitment from Britain's business community.
Britain has fallen down a global league table of prosperous countries, with countries like Denmark and Iceland now deemed
The 'global race'. It's a term close followers of British politics are likely to have become familiar with. The Conservative top-table have loyally referred to it in columns and interviews for almost a year... But at this year's Tory conference in Manchester it seemed to have been relegated down a division.
Maybe it is a race after all - but is this really the sort of race a Prime Minister wants to boast about? Does he really want to be saying to everyone that he wants to reduce our rights and sell out to big business? If he keeps up with this #globalrace thing, soon we're going to have to stop assuming this is what he wants, as really he's just come out and said it.