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People were being given a chance to make Shakespeare their own, and in the magnificent Globe theatre no less, who were not usually given this chance. And they were being given the chance to do so on their own terms, in ways that resonated with them
Did Shakespeare gain experience of the real estate world during his lost years (1588 - 1592) through some sort of commercial or legal apprenticeship, or did he draw on first-hand knowledge gained once he started to make his way in London as a writer? What we do know is that Shakespeare had first-hand experience of a particularly combative lease renewal which threatened the very source of his own prosperity.
Speaking of soaps, Marcell's CV also includes two stints on EastEnders. He was interviewed by a Walford Gazette writer in 1996.
My mum's a magician in the kitchen. She can take a soft pink steak, put it in a pan and out comes the stuff of dreams. Slapped on the plate, on a bed of yellow lettuce is half-charcoal brick, half meat-ice cream. Did I say dreams? I meant nightmares.
Arthur Darvill is looking forward to the end of his stint as Rory, Amy Pond’s REAL companion, in Doctor Who, for one reason
Miranda Raison admits that she was in awe of her co-star Toby Stephens when she first turned up on the set of Vexed, both
Shakespeare experts have hailed the "thrilling" discovery of remains of the predecessor to The Globe theatre. Plays including
A man was arrested after pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted a performance by the Israeli national theatre company at London's
If we decide that cultural boycotting makes sense whenever we disagree with a particular group or don't like those people or their actions, then we are saying that we have no urge to learn, to gain access, to get closer. And how much have we lost then?