Gloria De Piero

The Tories' and Lib Dems' hands off approach means the civil service looks like the last closed shop, based on an institutional elitism which excludes many exceptional individuals with ordinary backgrounds. For those who already feel that the levers of power are distant and remote from their lives the civil service is a closed circle - out of reach and out of touch.
Three times as many young women are employed in low paid, low skilled jobs than 20 years ago, according to a new report commissioned
When De Piero says "no one should have to worry that something they did when they were young might prevent them from serving their community or getting involved in politics", the vast majority would agree with her. Those who are trying to boost circulations on the back of other people's misery or humiliation - as some of our newspapers have done for years - will find little solace in their "public interest" arguments.
Tabloids seeking topless photos of Labour's women's spokesman Gloria de Piero - taken when she was 15 - would humiliate the
Gloria de Piero, Labour's new spokesman for women, has voiced her disgust and upset after revealing a national newspaper
Labour's new spokesperson for women has said she 'understands' why girls strip off for photo shoots - as she did just that
I've just watched his speech to the TUC. It shows that Ed is determined to open up our politics and involve ordinary working men and women in our party. Anyone who thinks that these people dominate the Labour Party - its selections, elections and decision-making - are not living in the real world.
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