Reacting to the unsurprising backlash, Google has since posted a fairly lengthy blog post explaining how its third-party apps work and how much access they have.
It all depends on which apps you've paired with your account.
A Gmail phishing scam has been discovered that’s so realistic it’s even fooling people who would normally pride themselves
We’ve all been there. You write an email, carefully written, incredibly confidential and painstakingly spellchecked. You
With the rise in smartphone usage, most of us are rarely out of touch with technology. We are continually messaging people, sending emails, checking social media sites and making calls, not forgetting our other tasks to attend to.
Work email is a logistical -- and emotional -- minefield. If you don't respond with speed, clarity and directness to a given
As part of its switch to Android 5.0, Google has been looking at its core apps and how they can change them for the better
UPDATE: The tool appears to be struggling to cope with demand. In the meantime change your password. More than five million