Ministers are ignoring meeting requests with one of the UK’s biggest trade unions to discuss working people’s Brexit fears
As a paramedic, you never know what you're going to be confronted by or how long you are going to be working for. If you are due to finish at 7pm and a call comes in at 6.59pm - you obviously have to answer it. And you have to see it through - right to the end. You just don't question it. It's what the job demands, but everyone has their breaking point.
The Trades Union Congress will today debate a motion from train drivers' union ASLEF, asking for support for full and complete decriminalisation of consensual adult sex work. We believe sex workers should have the same rights as every other worker in this country. This includes their right to join a trade union and organise. Current legislation forces these workers to work alone leaving them vulnerable to crime and afraid to report violence to the police through of fear of arrest. Decriminalisation would increase sex workers' safety, enhance access to health services and end criminal records - thereby making exiting the industry easier. We hope for an informed debate and a positive result for some of the most stigmatised workers in society.
Charlotte Hawkins is set to swap the ‘Good Morning Britain’ sofa for the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ dancefloor, it has been
Thankfully, the teen’s cheeky sip was a victory drink rather than attempt to drown his sorrows.  James White, who claims
If the decline in union membership and collective bargaining has been in part due to government action, then the solution to addressing and reversing the decline must also - in part - lie in government action.
If the Spice Girls ever need an understudy for Ginger Spice, they need look no further than Kate Garraway. The ‘Good Morning