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Polar bears are difficult to study in the wild. Not only are they tough to locate in the vast wilderness of the Arctic but
Heads-up cameras are a curious technology - when they're used badly, there's nothing more boring. But when they're used well
An innovative use of everyone's favourite ridiculously small extreme sports camera has let a bunch of amateur filmmakers
Incredible videos of skydiving, jetpack rides and other insane tech-aided extreme sports are pretty much a staple for us
An amazing water-based jetpack hoverboard thing has been captured with a tiny GoPro camera. This ridiculous mode of transport
The US Navy has used a tiny camera like those used by extreme sports athletes to film the inside of an F18 fighter jet. Gizmodo
Winter sports used to be about exhilarating physical exercise. But unless you're really into Hemingway, it's not any more
On Tuesday we told you about the 'Real Life Spiderman' Ethan Swanson, and the demonstrably insane roof-to-roof jump he recorded
Spiderman is real, he lives in Chicago and he owns a GoPro camera. A man named Ethan Swanson recently filmed an absolutely
There is no shortage of amusing (and horrifying) videos concerning drones on the Internet. But there definitely aren't enough