goal setting

I am currently training full time as well as writing a book and I am studying for a degree, in this sense my time is very limited and as a result I have developed effective strategies over time to maximize my time management and overcome various goals in a given period.
You've heard people say, "It's all in the mind," true enough half of our battles are won if only we are able to put our minds on it. As humans capable of dreaming and yearning for more in life, we set out to achieve different goals and embark on projects. But the sad thing is, most of these plans are left unfulfilled.
I often advise my clients to focus on the smallest of changes that they can make, as doing anything more than nothing is progress in the right direction. It's not the once in a while, big things that will create the biggest positive changes to your life, but a collection of little and often.
What is your elephant right now? Perhaps it's a work deadline, an exam, a job application or a weight loss goal - something that you feel to be really big and daunting and that you just can't seem to get started on.
So how do you make sure that you actually get your New Year's resolutions done, and you're still motivated in February, March and April? What is it that makes some people stick to their goals and not others?