Sit down with your team and agree the challenge and then empower them by asking for their ideas on how to achieve it. Often it is better to let them try their best ideas rather than imposing your own. Set the great goal and let the team figure out how to reach it.
These days I'm hearing more and more about the stress and heartache redundancy brings, so I decided to write a very personal piece reflecting the gamut of emotions I experienced whilst going through this very same process.
We all have our own way of doing things, our own internal rule book, if you like, and we don't take too kindly to other people or situations messing that up. Holding on to a set vision in the face of challenging circumstances is, in most cases, a sure path to disappointment, anger, resentment and a variety other negative emotions.
In many ways, as goals go this one is text book. It is time specific and has is broken down into, smaller steps that I must work towards each day. In its most basic form it goes: train, rest, eat, repeat, with the odd freak out moment thrown if for good measure, particularly revolving around diamante clad bikinis and transparent kitten heels!!! Who knew?!
The grades of the some of the students have improved and, despite the challenge of talking to boys about their violent behaviour, Evelyn's persistence has changed the attitudes and actions of many of the boys she speaks to.
Wayne Rooney on fire? Arsene Wenger riding a toy horse? Ronaldo firing lasers from his eyes? Well, why they bally hell not
So often you hear about goalkeepers messing things up, letting balls roll between their legs and generally making fools of