goat videos

Back when we were kids (if you'll excuse the pun) we just thought goats and sheep said "baaa" and that was it. Then the internet
Meanwhile, down on the farm, one little fella has been spending too much time hanging around the chicken coop... It reminds
"One day I came in the house and my kids came in and said "Mom you left the doors open on the car" I was like wow I thought
We've seen this trick before, of course - but that doesn't make it any less delightful. Not least because this time, it isn't
Yes, he may already have a puppy at home - but that isn't stopping this three-year-old from trying to kidnap (geddit?!) a
This goat really does have a most impressive tongue. In fact, we'd go so far as to say he's got things licked. GEDDIT?! (Via
Stop press! Omid Djalili is the new goat. Allow us to explain. First, we had Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble: Screaming
Typical. You wait ages for one funny goat video, and then two come along at once. Yes, on the same day that Daft Punks' 'Goat
Benjamin Franklin said that the only things certain in life were death and taxes. But if he lived in the internet age, he
We've had goats yelling like humans. We've had goats yelling like humans in pop videos (see below). Whatever next: goats