Silly Billy! The disorderly animal also ate the sheriff's deputy's paper work.
"This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine," a resident said about 200 goats running free in San Jose.
We round up the week in good news stories, featuring hot dog ice cream, a lucky charm cat, lots of seals and a goat beauty contest.
Arsenal's Invicible's 49-game winning run; Martina Navratilova's 74-game winning run, Floyd Mayweather and Rocky Marciano join
ActionAid Sweden has put together a full album of Christmas carols being sung by goats in the hope of raising awareness for
Moms are usually keen to stamp out any sibling rivalry amongst their kids, and it’s no different in goat families. Charlotte
It was a fairly normal day for BBC Newsline Northern Ireland's Conor Macauley. The Agriculture and Environment Correspondent
Back when we were kids (if you'll excuse the pun) we just thought goats and sheep said "baaa" and that was it. Then the internet