These cute little goats seem to be playing a livestock version of musical chairs, and it's absolutely adorable. We can't
What's cuter than a baby goat hopping around with glee? A baby goat hopping around with glee IN A TINY LITTLE ONESIE. Seriously
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Our initial summer holiday plan was to barge up the Norfolk Broads, but our middle-aged travel aspirations were not matched by a middle-aged disposable income. So we decided to do the next most obvious option: we would hire bikes, and hunt down locally produced British cheese.
Yes, we think everyone can down tools now. Because someone has made a mash-up of goats shouting the theme tune of 'Jurassic
Seriously, animal kingdom. You've got to stop it with your Young Animals Annoying Patient Older Ones thing. First, we had
"Saw this when walking home one day," writes YouTuber SignifyingSomething. "Aliens have invaded and taken the form of goats