Or, to be more specific: release the baby goats! Yes, here's your short-but-sweet, feelgood video of the day, kids (geddit
Quite simply, the best six-second video you'll see today. We think Faucet the goat has got a great future as a pop star...
Think you've seen everything? Well, now, you possibly have. According to the New York Daily News, this bizarre sight was
Meanwhile, down on the farm, one little fella has been spending too much time hanging around the chicken coop... It reminds
It's brilliant. It's simple. And you don't even have to know the show to find it funny. Of course, this is just the natural
Mankind is NOT on the brink of an unspeakable conflict with goats. We repeat – the rumours of a hairy, horny apocalypse are
Bless them - they're just acting the goat. Or are they kidding around? Either way, this video is undoubtedly the best goats
Ladies and gentlemen, it's your adorable animal video of the day - starring Charlie the brown lemur and Willie the baby goat
Who would have thought that making cheese could be so simple? Hardly any special ingredients or equipment are needed and it's just a bit of patience and a couple of hours in the kitchen before you start producing cheese that tastes as good as it looks.
"One day I came in the house and my kids came in and said "Mom you left the doors open on the car" I was like wow I thought