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Even Nigel Farage's fiercest critics admit he is a formidable presence in Ukip. The eurosceptic leader has repeatedly mused
Ukip has been forced to sack one of its newly-elected councillors only six days after sweeping to impressive gains in the
Godfrey Bloom, the outspoken MEP who had the Ukip whip withdrawn after jokingly calling a roomful of women "sluts", has made
Ukip councillor Peter Lagoda has admitted to fiddling nearly £25,000 through benefits fraud just days after coming under
Ukip has been forced to distance itself from local councillor Peter Lagoda over "disturbing" remarks he made during an impromptu
Immigrants are not a strain on the public sector, austerity is. Moreover, if Ukip truly believe that "Britain is full", should the party be urging its members to stop procreating? Same-sex relationships would surely be far more patriotic?
Godfrey Bloom's unique way with words has landed him with the Plain English Campaign's "Foot in Mouth" award 2013. The former
Ukip MEP Stuart Agnew seems to have stepped into the void left by Godfrey Bloom, who jokingly called women "sluts" for not
Godfrey Bloom has called for unemployed people to be banned from voting, in a call derided as "social apartheid". In a controversial
Independent MEP Godfrey Bloom has revealed the sort of saucy hijinks he got up to on his stag night in a photo showing him