Gold Medal

Klete Keller won two gold medals as part of Team USA. He appeared to be in videos of the insurrection inside the Capitol.
After 2017’s deadliest earthquake, Kianoush Rostami says: “My gold medal belongs to my people.”
Olympic star Mo Farah has revealed how he was detained by US customs officials who suspected he was a terrorist, saying that
I nearly died today. I am one of London's many cyclists and was cruising along one of London's many designated lanes when I was almost run down by a car turning through traffic into a road on my left.
Team GB have been medalling like crazy during the past five weeks, but where will those pieces of gold take their owners
Royal Mail has agreed to repaint a postbox gold in honour of Olympic medallist Ben Ainslie, after one Hampshire resident
Everyone who watched the devastating fall of Morgan Uceny in the 1500-meter final was probably reminded of a time when they themselves felt shamed, low and completely defeated on some level. However painful to see, accidents or mistakes during a major competition such as the Olympic Games can teach us important lessons in life, though they are not always what we would expect.
The Royal Mail will issue a separate commemorative stamp for every British gold medal winner at the Paralympic games after
We have to admit: there was one point during yesterday's Olympic boxing match between Team GB's Nicola Adams and China's
Failure, it goes without saying, is a relative concept. For most of us mere mortals, failure is the feeling that creeps over you when you realise you've spent the entire day by yourself on the sofa, eating a whole packet of bakewell tarts and watching Jeremy Kyle reruns.