Obviously, people of colour provide such inspiration that it might seem irresistible to engage with this through a fancy-dress costume, but maybe think again. Go as Ginger Spice instead of a Geisha, Ali G rather than Jay Z and if you are after something more nostalgic, Andy Pandy as an alternative to a golliwog. Just please, for your own sake, don't bring out the face paint.
Police were called after three youths attended a summer gala in Scotland dressed as golliwogs. The trio attended Saturday’s
A traffic warden has been sacked over his golliwog keyring. Mike Bower was sent a letter from NSL Parking on Christmas Eve
A man who was thrown out of the National Front for having views which were deemed too extreme, has been jailed after being
A man who posted online videos of himself wearing a Ku Klux Klan costume and carrying out the mock hanging of a golliwog
Racial harassment charges have been dropped against a woman who allegedly displayed a golliwog toy in her window. Jena Mason