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Prudential says that two-fifths of homeowners aged over 55 are looking to downsize. Will the government come up with a 'Help to move' package to make it happen? And will planners and developers create the housing options that older people want?
These changes would be a backward step. Let's hope given the recent public and media concerns about the quality of residential care that our Parliamentarians will see sense.
Ed Miliband has put the future of the NHS at the heart of Labour's campaign to win the 2015 election. Investing in more nurses, doctors and midwives were central to his party conference leader's speech on Tuesday.
Which party will put families and all generations first? The answers will become more evident in the next three weeks.
This week's report published by the Alzheimer's Society has highlighted the growing number of people living with dementia and the impact of dementia on their lives and the lives of their families.
A care home in the future might be much smaller than many of our large institutions. It might be much more flexible in terms of living space, both personal and communal, and it will be well designed. The focus will be on companionship as well as care. And it won't be hidden away.
If you need a care home, your finances will be assessed to see whether the council (or the NHS) will pay or whether you will have to do so. If you are paying your own care fees, it's crucial to get specialist independent financial advice to make the most of your money.
The prime minister yesterday pledged to introduce a new "family test" to ensure that every domestic policy is examined for its impact on the family. If David Cameron was to implement the policy retrospectively, how would the coalition government fare?
As house prices continue to rise, you might expect that a growing number of older homeowners are looking to downsize their
Two news stories this week demonstrated the growing crisis in care for older people.First there were reports that the cost of a care home place is outstripping older people's incomes. Then councils said that they are hopelessly underfunded to deliver the government's reforms of paying for care.