Fellow ‘Sopranos’ star Vincent Pastore also paid tribute, telling The Blast: “We lost a great character actor and great man
(Warning: contains NSFW language. It is 'Goodfellas', after all.) Want to see Zippy get into trouble for calling George a
The question is, where has he gone? These words don't come easy, but Martin Scorsese, at this current juncture in cinematic history, has disappeared. Once a maestro film-maker who advocated anarchy of the soul - see De Niro's Johnny Boy in Mean Streets or Joe Pesci in GoodFellas - Scorsese delighted in holding up a mirror to America's underbelly, and he did so with that most subversive of narrative tools: humour.
After a career spanning half a century, earning countless plaudits for films from the heat of ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Raging Bull
Excluding The Avengers, only Iron Man has been granted a second and third film, with Thor getting his second outing later this year, but if Marvel's latest recruits are anything to go by, they're already reaching the bottom of the barrel in terms of big names with the traction to carry their own series.
Frozen pizza superbrand Goodfella's is targeting new consumers with its new Superiore pizza range. Inspired by the success
Henry Hill, the man whose life inspired Martin Scorsese's Goodfellasdied last week at the age of 69 - and tributes to the
Henry Hill Dead, Mobster Played By Ray Liotta In Scorcese's 'Goodfellas' Dies Aged 69 (PICTURES) Henry Hill Dead: 13 Unforgettable
For fans of the gangster genre, Goodfellas is possibly one of the most loved and quoted. Apart from the number of times the