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Google+ is not dead. But it’s mutating. The search giant has announced that it will break its social network service into
Every Christmas is flush with predictions about the year to come. Instead, The Huffington Post UK looks back at predictions
Are you on Google+? Don't worry if you're not - because as this latest parody of Facebook 'Look Back' videos makes abundantly
Social sharing has changed drastically over the past year. We, as consumers, no longer exercise a one dimensional approach to social content sharing. Recent research from the global social media impact study (GSMIS) provides a fascinating insight into shifts in social media, but while the focus has so far been on the apparent decline of Facebook, the real story is the diversity in how services are used.
Google has infuriated millions of Gmail users by apparently making it possible to email anyone on Google+ - even if you don't
Google has patented a way to learn how you "react" on social media - and then do the job for you. A new process patented
Since its inception, the community of users on social media website Google+ has been notoriously male dominated. According
Back in the days when I was experimenting with ways to reach my customers online, I implemented live chat functionality on my website (back then there was only one). I admit, I was really quite excited by the idea of talking to my prospective customers live.But eager is as eager does and my buoyant greetings were on many occasions knocked back.
Google has announced it will shut down Google Reader, its RSS-based news feed reader. The service launched in 2005, and functioned
If you look closely on some news channels, like Sky News and Channel 4 News, you'll see the public are starting to contribute using their G+ profiles to join the news team's Hangout. They film themselves on their webcams and talk into the microphones on their laptops, whilst being streamed into a live TV programme.