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Google is making human skin. Also, it's making robots, working on advanced artificial intelligence and has lots and lots
Google Glass and other smart glasses are continuing the trend of technological augmentation in the workplace. There may be a lack of 'killer apps' for consumers, but in the workplace smart glasses can already increase productivity.
Google has revealed the latest project from its ultra-secretive Google X team: Tthey're going to hunt cancer using tiny magnets
These six modern-day Tony Starks don't really accept the word 'no'. Their stubbornness combined with their equally enormous
Google initially wanted to develop drones that can be used after disasters--earthquakes, floods or extreme weather events--to deliver life-saving items like medicines to affected people in geographies where usual means of transportation cannot reach.
Google has been secretly testing a drone delivery service in the outbacks of Australia. The 'Google Wing' prototype is being
Google reportedly tried - and failed - to build a jetpack. The head of the search giant's 'X' lab said that the team tried
Say what you will about Google - you can't deny their ambition. Chief executive, Larry Page, has announced the company are