The public enterprises minister and former Sars commissioner gave a detailed account of how the institution was run for 10 years under his leadership – then fielded some surprise questions from the commission.
The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is not a good guy with a gun.
'What's required is a comprehensive approach that deals with various elements of the local-government system.'
The country's capital city, Kigali, is an anomaly among developing world cities.
The primary right to prosecute remains that of the state, and a private prosecution is an exception.
Traffic law does not work like the rest of our justice system, with traffic law, you are guilty until proven innocent.
In the public sector, above all others, this is very damaging for democracy and our trust in government at all levels. Effective accountability can strengthen such trust, as it can in every sector. Leaders have a duty of care in this regard. Let them more consistently honour this duty.
Boards play a vital role in the governance and leadership of organisations, and to ensure that they fulfil their remit, they have to be boards with the energy, courage, purpose and intellect to make a difference. Good argument fuels success. Pitiful avoidance of differences and fear of different views will sink even the strongest organisation.
You probably know of a charity that has closed down over the past year or so, whether it's a small local organisation or
One of the questions I'm asked quite a lot as Chief Executive of international NGO, Lepra, is why we provide support to India