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Just 38% of claimants could sign up on their first try using the system, the National Audit Office found.
An unforgiveable impertinence and condescension. tThe Chilcot report takes nine days to read. That may or may not be a record
'A classic Whitehall power grab carried out while the chaos caused by Brexit is still unfolding'
Groundbreaking digital reforms to open up Whitehall to the public are under threat from a power-grab by senior civil servants
As much as our society is digital, it is every bit as cynical. The next decade will make great strides forward for communication, health, business and sport, but let it also be the decade that politics repairs its broken reputation. Nobody knows what will pick politics up from the gutter, but online voting might just be a start.
So what is It is a single government domain and is the amalgamation of Directgov and Business Link (and very soon some of the hundreds of departmental sites that are not only sapping scarce government resources but also making it too hard for the user to find what they want).