The reality is that children are getting fatter because they live in a society that encourages weight gain and obesity. Poor diet has become a feature of our children's lives, with junk food more readily available, and food manufacturers bombarding children with their marketing every day for food and drinks that are extremely bad for their health.
Great progress has been made on dementia, but that these misunderstandings still put people off addressing their fears shows that we have a long way to go. Now is the time for all of us to tackle dementia by confronting it head on - in Dementia Awareness Week, and beyond it.
According to the Mail on Sunday, a growing number of schools are now demanding that parents of children unfit to participate
What a grim year 2015 was. A new Government (same Health Secretary); a new vision for the NHS (same money). But let's not
Any headlines and any politician that says patients will not be safe during a strike is wrong. There will be disruption and annoyances - that is the whole point of a strike. But there will be the most experienced doctors providing hands on care for the patients that need it.
I was inspired by the #whyGP project to consider why I chose general practice. Here are just a few of my reasons. Instant
Maybe there really is just a sense of futility about the whole thing. Maybe it would be easier to sit back and let the powers that be take control and dismantle our health service, transforming it into whatever they feel is the best for the British public. My issue with this argument is that it is not for the government to decide for us. As many of the fantastic speakers at Crash Call reminded us, this is OUR NHS. We pay for it and we use it, so we should have a say in its future.
As a GP you learn to gather facts rather than jumping to conclusions. So what's the underlying truth of the health challenges in London?
Increasing NHS funding by £3billion, £8billion, £Xbillion - lovely. But where is it going to be spent? Will it be a repeat of the winter pressures funding where hardly any actually got to struggling A&E departments and GP surgeries? Another round of reorganisation will soak the whole lot up.
We need to get things right because we are accountable directly to the human being in front of us. We deal with the individual on a personal level.