Tips for parents who're thinking about getting their children to repeat a year at school.
The new change in GCSEs has been the biggest educational reform for a long while. Transforming an exam system that has been
Seeing friends announcing their success is a guaranteed way to make you feel worse. Once you feel secure in yourself, or have made a firm plan from a setback, there's far less chance of a comparison-induced panic. Remember social media is a choice, not an obligation.
Attractive female students achieve higher exam grades than their less attractive colleagues, a US study has found. Researchers
A level and GCSE results have now been released and the nerve-wracking wait is finally over for thousands of students around
It's exam season again and, as usual, the focus is on who got what grades. Yet, time and time again employers tell us that what they really care about in new recruits has nothing to do with As and Bs, and everything to do with work experience.
Last week saw the publication of the annual Ofsted report which looked at the outcomes of schools' inspections in 2013-14. The report's headline-grabber was that progress in secondary schools in the UK 'has stalled', with 29% of state secondary schools now rated as less than good.
A US school has come under fire for "segregating" its students based on their grades, telling pupils with low scores to separate
Bright poor boys are around two-and-a-half years behind their rich, clever male classmates in reading, a study has suggested
Marking of GCSE and A-level papers can still be improved, according to a new report by the exams regulator. In a study, Ofqual