According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people chop and change jobs around every 4.6 years and this increased fluidity has paved the way for a flexible working model. Whilst the standing workforce of permanent employees will no doubt continue, the day of the bite-sized job has dawned.
Well, that is half of the story. RCA fashion graduates did use colour: strategically positioned and very playful. The 90's are back in a more subtle way. To be more specific: the Club-Kids of New York; Brutalist architecture; working class youth culture...
As third year somehow ends its second semester, I'm reflective. The general panic at the thought of graduation has subsided, replaced by a slightly more calming "I'm ready" feeling, but it's still a Harry Potter-sized chapter to close the book on. Here are the top things I've learned at university.
You know how these things work, once you begin to get things off your chest to strangers, you just can't seem to stop. Next thing you know, the nasty boss, turns even nastier. So much so I had to start looking for another job.
They say money doesn't grow on trees. Despite what they may tell you, there is actually such a thing as "free money". So, what am I talking about? I'm talking about the dole of course. Perhaps it's a little immoral seeing as you have a Porsche sitting on the driveway, but needs must right?
This is a pivotal time for the UK. Economic growth and a strong technology sector demand that business and UK education work towards the same goals in order to create highly skilled young people that have the ability to strengthen UK industry. Universities need to be flexible and address the needs of students.
In three years of jobseeking, I have submitted around 100 applications, amassed 18 rounds of assessment, been through more interviews than I can remember and, through all of this, maintained a 100% record. A 100% record of failure
It is frankly boring hearing them whingeing on about university fees (which they want subsidising but have not paid a penny
So this week has seen A-Level results day. That day of the year where so many jump up and down, schools sell pictures of
From Armani, to Versace and every label in between, Lady Gaga has a whole host of couture in her closet - but the singer