A disabled woman who attended her graduation ceremony along with her service dog – who was also dressed in a cap and gown
It must be tough being a graduate at the moment. Unemployment among university leavers is at a record high - yet even where jobs are available, businesses are quick to criticise the skills of those spending thousands of pounds on their education.
At some businesses internships are used strategically to identify talented people for hiring, whether now or in the future, and others use them as manpower for valuable research projects. It's time to change mentality that interns are hired to make tea, take photocopies or file papers.
They should still be fighting for their values, utilising a life-time of experience and wisdom. It isn't good enough to pass on the baton while you are still capable of running, even if your failing health means you are "running" at your computer.
A student who has a rare degenerative muscle disorder, which has left him reliant on a wheelchair, wowed his fellow graduates
We are in the final few weeks of the University term and for many this will mean one thing, exams. But aside from being inundated with revision tips and de-stressing secrets (which are all very helpful and important, don't get me wrong) there are a few other things you should be looking into before you leave for summer, particularly if you are in your final year.
Universities recognise that today's graduates need multiple strings to their bows and students are now being offered the opportunity to take part in a range of activities on university campuses and in the local community to enable them to further develop key transferable skills.
I know that one person cannot change the world. But if other graduating students follow my lead and pledge their graduation presents to charity, we can truly make a difference. If we look deep inside our hearts, I'm sure most of us will realize we do not necessarily need the tokens of appreciation brought by our families.
"Graduation is the most boring thing ever". Finally, someone actually has the balls to admit it. Sitting in a dark hall for
Once you have graduated it can be overwhelming to start thinking about your future and deciding what to do next. This isn't helped by the fact that everyone has their bit to say- go travelling, get an internship, join a graduate scheme, but which is the best plan of action?