A MBA never hurts, but it is not a golden ticket to a great job, irrespective of market conditions. Academic qualifications aren't a substitute for proven commercial experience and, ideally, a prior relationship of some description with the employer.
As third year somehow ends its second semester, I'm reflective. The general panic at the thought of graduation has subsided, replaced by a slightly more calming "I'm ready" feeling, but it's still a Harry Potter-sized chapter to close the book on. Here are the top things I've learned at university.
There are some dreams that I hope never come true. The one where I was put in charge of a temperamental talking rabbit with body dysmorphia, for instance. However, like every other graduate-to-be, I have dreams about my future that I really hope become a reality.
One of the reasons many students - myself included - chose to go to university in the UK rather than elsewhere, was that most degrees here are only three years long. Back in the day, when we were filling out our UCAS applications, it seemed like such an advantage.
It's the one and only day you're entitled spend 12 hours wallowing in your achievements and general greatness without being
We all know the drill: stand up straight, force a smile and clasp onto that fake graduation certificate as tight as your
Remember, the social worth of a University is not to be measured in the projects it does, or the numbers of students it has, or the wealth it's students create. The social worth of a University is in the decisions it's graduates throughout their career.
My eldest daughter Lily finishes school this week, by which I mean she will have completed her 'formal education' to age
A disabled student who was told she would never walk or talk again has taken her first steps to collect her 2:1 degree in
Princess Beatrice has graduated from Goldsmiths University of London - and the Duchess of York could barely contain her excitement