Dr Elizabeth Martiny has graduated with a PhD in Religion and Theology, and says it wasn't easy.
"The university sends its condolences to the student and the family for their loss."
The superstar athlete has qualified in sports science, after resuming her interrupted studies.
Like many other existentially anguished twenty-somethings, I had a burning desire to quit my job and travel. The nine to
Ultimately, a job that on paper sounds perfect might be very different in practice, and vice versa. Take any experience you can get - as the saying goes, don't knock it till you've tried it.
For now, I guess this is that moment that everyone warns you follows graduation, where you never really know what's next.
You've finally done it! You've got your degree, and have now got the cap and gown photo to prove it. Here's to adulthood! Except, adulthood isn't really that fun - especially when you're still unemployed. But what's worse than being unemployed? People reminding you that you're unemployed.
In rural Africa, many girls are celebrating being the first high school graduates in their family, even in an entire community. However most of these young graduates lack the resources to take up university places, and often feel that they now represent an additional burden on already strained household incomes.