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Born to Tunisian parents, eL Seed spent his formative years in the suburbs of Paris juggling different cultures, languages, and identities. He channeled these experiences into a form of artistic expression that blends Arabic calligraphy with graffiti - creating a modern art style called Calligraffiti.
When people think of the Arts in this here sceptr'd isle admittedly one does not immediately think too readily of Britain's Second City, Birmingham. But, that would be a great mistake and one that keeps on happening
City of Colours on Sunday was Birmingham's very own contemporary ode to autumn.
Monday morning and the festivities of 420 and Bradford Street was awash with new pieces from the famous and infamous of Birmingham's street art scene. Alive and kicking, but just not very good at blowing it's own trumpet. So, as an adopted son of this city, that's where I will happily step in and learn to play the trumpet.
The thing about the modern world is so much of it is an illusion. Not just advertising, but the very streets we live on are
As adults we often realise that the things that we fought against growing up were the very things that inspired us in the
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Three men have been arrested on suspicion of spraying anti-Thatcher graffiti ahead of the funeral for the former PM. Scotland
Whatever you say about Lady Thatcher - and much has been said in the past few days - you couldn't deny her time in power
Thatcher's death has prompted an outpouring of emotion from people across the UK, with her passing proving as divisive as
If this week has taught us anything, it's that getting your hands on good graffiti can be tricky - it seems you either have