Graham Jones

Why would you participate in such a vote that had no real consequences? A standing order that can be easily changed in another short 90 minutes debate straight after the next election. That has nothing to do with an opposition. In a charade all of the Chancellor's making. We should have walked away from this theatrical nonsense and left the Chancellor to drown in his own folly building our own credible response.
There are between 65,000 and 300,000 transgender people in the UK, and everyone, including politicians, need to challenge the unthinking attitudes that often pervade about transgender people, and that begins by at least talking about them. In a small way, this could move the debate forward, put it on the political landscape and reframe the debate into something more positive.
Twenty years ago, the UK boasted a thriving record-store culture, with over 2200 indie shops and as many as three on a single block in a single small village.
One of the youngest Royal Marines to take part in the Falklands conflict is preparing to make his first return to the islands