Grand Canyon

A man has been filmed luring a squirrel to the edge of the Grand Canyon with breadcrumbs before kicking it off. Another man
Admit it, you've always wanted to know how big the pile would be if every human on Earth was dumped in the Grand Canyon. Well
I noticed recently that it was Christopher Columbus Day and so asked my work colleagues what they considered to be the most iconic tourist spots in America. Here's our top 5! How many have you seen?
The best pictures of the week are chosen by YOU voting on our interactive slideshow. The G20 Summit has taken place and Syria
A ferocious electrical lightning storm illuminates the nighttime sky over the Grand Canyon in Nevada, captured by photographer
If asked to name National Parks in the USA which attract most visitors, I bet most people would opt for the Grand Canyon, with maybe Yellowstone or Yosemite next. Here are the ten most visited National Parks, with the latest 2012 visitor figures as provided by the National Parks Service. Each park also has a suggestion as to how you might visit it from the UK.
We're on a road trip. In my book; the 'ultimate road trip'. We're travelling Route 66 - also known as the 'Main Street of America' and the 'Mother Road'. We're very excited.
A man has crossed the Grand Canyon on a tightrope without a a safety harness in 22 minutes. Nik Wallenda, an 'aerialist' from
Google is taking its quest to photograph the world to an amazing new extreme with its new generation of Trekker camera backpacks
We're now in the unusual position of feeling both incredibly impressed with and extremely envious of a dog. The pooch in