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The share of first-time buyers in the housing market has dwindled to its lowest point in nearly three years, estate agents
Nearly half of potential first-time buyers feel they are more likely to get on the housing ladder due to the Government's
Former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott's private office spent hundreds of pounds of taxpayers' money in a casino in Australia
A social housing scheme aimed at making it easier for tenants to swap their homes is to be launched later.
Mortgage lending rose by 4% in September compared with the same month last year, but lenders have warned that confidence
Mike Malloy, 26, is the proprietor of Martin and Co, a franchised estate agent in Wanstead, North East London. Over the last
Over half of private rents in England are unaffordable, according to a report by the housing charity Shelter. Their research
Four Whitehall departments have published details for the first time setting out how their formerly-used land and property
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Slack rules that allow the unemployed to count haircuts as job hunting must be toughened, a leading think tank has said.  Instead
Councils around the UK could roll out a scheme pioneered by Westminster Council, in which those who work are prioritised
The figures released today by the National Housing Federation make for worrying reading, with home ownership to reach the lowest levels they have been since the 1980s.
Millions risk being “locked out” of the housing market, the National Housing Federation has warned. A forecast for the group
PRESS ASSOCIATION - Councils will find it easier to evict "neighbours from hell" under new plans unveiled by the Government
It concerns me greatly, and should all Labour party supporters for that matter, that possibly the biggest policy area for the next 10 years, and at a time when housing policy is under one of its biggest shake ups in a generation, Labour is found to be almost vacant.
Our changes are part of the most radical reform of social housing for a generation, to give councils more flexibility to use their social housing stock to the maximum effect and drive down waiting lists.
Why is this minister pursuing policies even more damaging that Margaret Thatcher ever dreamt of?