Graphic Novels

What's great about GNs is sex isn't always the be-all-end-all goal of character relationships, either. GNs often use sex as a storytelling device, which means putting more effort into the crafting of satisfying erotica to accompany a well thought out story.
In spite of its size, the graphic novel can be read at a great pace and holds host to some of the best Star Wars artwork you're likely to see for a novel of its size. The story is classically structured yet effective, and many of the Star Wars fans will recognise places and locations used.
When I mentioned I was off to Kendal for The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, people asked if it was a comic con kind of thing. I answered that although I do go to those sorts of events, this is more of a literary festival.
When I was growing up, one of my favourite books was the Picture Book which the artist Edmund Dulac created to raise money for the French Red Cross during the First World War.
Briony Hatch is one such graphic novel, written and illustrated by two sisters Ginny and Penelope Skinner. One an artist and the other a play write, their story focuses on Briony, a 15 year old girl struggling with the internal turmoil of identity, as she breaks away from childhood during the splitting up of her family.
Thanks to illustrators Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb, Adventure Time is vividly realized. I especially liked the "extras" at the end of the books that show the genesis of the artwork across various editions.
Comics have always been storyboards. In the absence of today's tech, writers and artists had to find ways to nudge the reader's attention to the right word balloon, to make them parse and run the images cinematically in their mind without the intrusion of a storyboard's zoom lines and motion arrows.
Goethe's masterpiece and perhaps the greatest work in German literature, Faust is one of the central myths of the Western world.
I make sure I do the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every year because that forces me to write a new hour of material every year. This is a bit of advice I read from Louis CK, one of my favourite ever stand-ups.
Fortunately, little by little, comics are creeping into national consciousness. It's accepted that the comic format can and regularly does have the same depth as a prose novel. Though tensions are still high in places, the graphic novel at least is broadly accepted as an equal citizen in the literary world.