Generous tax breaks make the UK a cost-effective option for filmmakers. But it's the unarguable talent - and their embrace of technology - that has made London a sure-fire guarantee of quality.
This thing isn't human. It just really, really looks that way. Created by illustrator and artist Chris Jones from Victoria
Architectural photographer Andy Spain was aware that there were inconsistencies in his personal branding and presentation from his business cards and invoices through to his website, blog and twitter avatar..."I decided it was time I had a logo and brand to run alongside all the material I produce"
Redefining the word 'pointless' yet still managing to captivate comes this 'stupid calculation' by Josh Orter. This, ladies
Google has used its latest 'Doodle' to celebrate the life and work of the graphic designer and filmmaker Saul Bass. It celebrated
Wacom's graphics tablets have held a place of honour on creatives' wish lists for many years. Beautifully designed and carrying cutting edge technology these lasting pieces of engineering have become an integral part of the photographic, image editing, film and design industries.
Facebook cares - and it wants you to know that it cares. For all those users who submit user complaints and reports on the
Technological capacity for producing graphics has mushroomed in recent years, and the consequences are obvious across all the media