gravitational waves

Einstein and his famous theory of gravity - general relativity - are once again in the news. The LIGO-Virgo collaboration announced yesterday 11th February that they had directly detected gravitational waves for the first time. This brought worldwide excitement to the field of science.
If scientists entertain the myth that giant leaps are the everyday happening of science, science funders will expect extraordinary claims in return for funding, and everyone will be disappointed with that game.
We already knew that the announcement this week of the first direct evidence of cosmic inflation could rock the foundations
In modern physics, no discovery or theory is made in isolation. Breakthrough findings -- like the so-called 'holy grail' evidence
A leading British physicist has hailed the discovery of evidence of cosmic inflation as "the most significant discovery for
Scientists are said to be closing in on detecting 'waves' in inter-stellar gravity. Predicted by Einstein as a consquence