Everyone's favourite Space Canadian, Astronaut Chris Hadfield, says that box-office smash 'Gravity' is a visual delight - and
Throughout my film-going life, effects have been if not quite a dirty word for certain audiences, then one met with a weary roll of the eyes. But I've also always felt the snottiness around effects arose because they reminded critics in particular of the movies' origins as a circus entertainment, a trashy diversion designed to thrill sensation-hungry crowds.
Gravity is simply beautiful to look at, a galactic ballet, if you like. Tears float like bubbles and flames curls like tendrils of golden ringlets, and all the while planet Earth is spread out before the astronauts, an awe-inspiring tableaux. Meanwhile, Jonas Cuaron's script ups the ante at every turn, keeping us hooked and fully invested in the story all the way.
Although the Oscars and BAFTAs are still a few months away I'm putting it on the record now that I'd be happy for the respective academies to close the competition forthwith and just give all the main prizes to Gravity.
Sandra Bullock revealed she relished loneliness for her latest film 'Gravity' as the movie screened at the BFI London Film
Every generation has a sci-fi film that defines it, a game changer. 2013 sees Gravity hitting cinemas and this doesn't just change the game but win the game, start another one and win that too. Gravity is nothing short of a revelation and THIS is what cinema is all about.
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'Gravity' is already earning plaudits and Oscar buzz, with its depiction of survival - alone - in outer space. Sandra Bullock
A few things will happen while watching Gravity. Your palms will become sweaty, then they may seek comfort at the sides of your face. You'll feel isolated, alone. Little wonder your breathing will become shallow. With your body empathising with the characters, this is clearly not the sort of film you can ignore.
It's two popular Oscar winners, but nowhere near where we're used to seeing them. George Clooney and Sandra Bullock team