Great Ormond Street Hospital

Ella had numerous health issues, but that's never stopped her helping others ❤️
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Promotional feature from the Department for Education
Charity rocked by sleazy fundraising event had given £530,000.
I'll never forget the white panic of being with my tiny baby in the ambulance, and the wailing of the siren, the blue lights flashing, on our way from Watford to Great Ormond Street Hospital, in the centre of London. When I walked through the doors I had a strange mix of emotions, both reassurance that this is the best place for my child to be, and horror that it's my child who's sick enough to be here.
A clinician who treated Charlie Gard has said the baby’s last days were turned into a “soap opera” with him being kept alive
Judge decides Charlie will move to a hospice without intensive support.
The parents of Charlie Gard have accused Great Ormond Street Hospital of “denying us our final wish” after a High Court judge