Greater Manchester

Labour leader Keir Starmer accuses the prime minister of "bargaining with people's lives".
The region will soon join the Liverpool City Region and Lancashire with the toughest "tier 3" lockdown restrictions in England.
Punishment of those who defy him, in Greater Manchester and in London, is not a good look for a PM.
The government and Andy Burnham could not agree about the level of support needed for workers in the region as tier 3 lockdown bites.
Boris Johnson's officials offered £60m but slashed support after local leaders refused to sign up, say those close to talks.
"This is no way to run the country in a national crisis," Greater Manchester mayor says.
The UK Prime Minister speaks at a press conference on imposing the new lockdown restrictions on Greater Manchester, after talks earlier today collapsed without agreement.
Businesses set to be closed include pubs, betting shops, casinos and bingo halls as Andy Burnham accuses government of "deliberate act of levelling down"
Prime minister spoke to Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham after the deadline for negotiations passed at midday.
Greater Manchester has been given a deadline of midday on Tuesday to agree to tier 3.