greece crisis

For the time being the deal prevented Greece's exit from eurozone and endorsed the notion of a united European entity. But how long this can be sustained is a question that even the strongest empathisers of a collective European reality would want to conveniently skip.
What we're saying is visit Greece, keep coming like you always have. If anything, this country and its remarkable people need you more than ever. People are calling it solidarity holidays. We'll just say that you can have some of the best experiences of your life while helping to keep a proud country on its feet.
On the beaches, the picture is worse. Dimitri has run a popular local beach situated in one of the island's liveliest towns for over twenty years. This year, however, he has suffered under the tight grip of the government.
Ireland have now equalled the worst series of results of any team to ever grace the European Football Championships.
David Cameron has urged fellow EU leaders to take "decisive" action over Greece and agree longer-term plans to beat the wider
British money printer De La Rue has drawn up plans to print drachma banknotes should Greece crash out of the eurozone, according