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New Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is cutting a dash as he jets around Europe economy class. It certainly makes a change to see a leader so seemingly down to earth even if I think he'd look more credible with his shirt tucked in. But as the rest of the Eurozone wonders how to solve a problem called Syriza what are the rights and wrongs of this situation and where can the solution be found?
Greece has elected Europe's first far-left government of modern times. Spain looks set to put in power a party which didn't exist five years ago. Labour is about to be wiped out in Scotland, the place of its birth. The Tories are terrified that Ukip will do the same to them in their own heartland. Are these all just local disturbances, or different symptoms of the same crisis?
What is "extreme" about providing free electricity and food stamps to 300,000 Greek families now living below the poverty line, as Syriza has pledged to do? Syriza's programme of debt relief, fiscal stimulus and financial support for the poorest, rather than the richest, is mainstream macroeconomics. The party is merely planning to do what the textbooks suggest.
If there's one thing we've noticed about the new prime minister of Greece - apart from the fact that he's 50% Antonio Banderas
Syriza leader - and Greece's incoming prime minister - Alexis Tsipras sent a very clear message that his party was going
David Cameron is to join a meeting of world leaders in Mexico on Monday where a long-term solution to Europe's economic turmoil
Europe's leaders must be ready to take tough political decisions to resolve the eurozone crisis, or face the threat of "perpetual
Official projections indicate that the Conservative New Democracy party have won the Greek election by 2%. Greek radical
UPDATE: Second exit poll shows New Democracy further ahead. Via Antenna TV: New Democracy - 28.6-30%, Syriza - 27-28.4%, Pasok
A Greek exit from the euro could lead to contagion across the eurozone As the pivotal event approaches, speculation is mounting