greek elections

Prime minister David Cameron has called for Greece to move "decisively and swiftly" to form a new government, warning that
A narrow election win for Greece's pro-bailout party New Democracy cheered investors today in the hope that the embattled
David Cameron has signalled that the election of a pro-bailout party in Greece has done little to resolve the long-term problems
The last thing Europe and Greece needs is another set of elections and more indecision. We need to see the new Greek government formed within hours committed to paying its way in the world.
The European Commission denied on Tuesday that it was preparing a "script" for Greek exit from the eurozone. In the build
The Greek MP and spokesman for far-right party Golden Dawn Ilias Kasidiaris has gone missing following his shocking attack
Greece is bombing out the euro. Greece is going no place, the country's place is in the eurozone, anyone who says otherwise should be put away in the lunatic asylum right next to the Napoleons.
Plans for fresh elections in crisis-torn Greece derailed markets as relief that the eurozone had dodged recession proved
As another Greek election looms after the failure to form a new coalition, suspicions are growing that radical left party
This year is a very political year for many countries. France has just voted in their new leader, Greece will do shortly and the USA elections beckon.