green party

Be afraid, be very afraid. On Hallowe’en this year the world’s population will reach an estimated seven billion. And while
The answer is simple, there is only one real alternative; the Green Party; a party that, in truth, may not be able to make a widespread impact but may just be capable of tweaking policies in our favour, resulting in a fairer, safer, greener nation.
The Australian branch of Rupert Murdoch's media empire will face "hard questions" in the wake of the phone hacking scandal
With nearly 4,500 young people unemployed in Brighton & Hove, high rents, rising prices and low wages the Brighton have many issues that need attention. The impact of zero growth, a Green Party manifesto commitment, can be seen in the number of empty shops in the city centre
The Green Party has an opportunity to champion social justice in a way that moves beyond technocratic economic management. No longer the single-issue party, we are becoming a voice of reason across the political landscape.